Early start this morning to drive over to the Lot Valley. On through Bergerac & then to Lalinde, following the Dordogne River for the whole morning. Saw the little enchanted castle on the river in Lalinde, where Sandy & Suzanna's friend Wilna lives, whom we are going to visit on the 15th. You can see it on my web site & here on the blog.
That whole day was one town after another straight out of a fairy story. It's goose country of course & it makes me thing of Hans Christian Andersen or Grimms Fairy tales. It is also the 'rote du noix' or the route of the walnuts - the walnut trees are everywhere just bursting into life. By the way I want no rude feedback on my execrable French spelling thanks!
On to Carennac which is too far from the cities for day trippers & so is calm & filled with joy. I'm sitting in the windows of our room gazing out into the winding little medieval street with the river tumbling below all the stone & slate houses, crooked & half-timbered like English villages, & the church belling is tolling time to eat again.
Lunch was: escargot, walnut puree, wild Ce'pes, Cahors red, & the scent of lavender all around us. Dinner soon. So much food, so little time. There was an ad running on Italian TV for yoghurt, which said 'Paolo and Cristina say no to cholesterol' well, we are saying a resounding yes! Heart attack to follow shortly.
Spent the afternoon wandering the streets of the village & following the towpath by the riverbank, which is straight from "Wind in the Willows".
Lots of Kayakers on the river. Tomorrow off to drive around the circuit of the Lot Valley and eat some more. Constant sound of the Cuckoo. So long since I've been in Europe in Springtime.