More places to say 'I do' People often ask me about getting married or renewing their vows in Florence, so here is an article on the subject from the wonderful English-language newspaper, The Florentine, on the subject. It you love all things Florentine you can subscribe to receive The Florentine online. Starting in June, it will be possible to tie the knot among the flowers and statues of Florence's Rose Garden, in the majestic Salone dei Cinquecento or Sala di Lorenzo in Palazzo Vecchio, or surrounded by art old and new in Villa Bardini. With the City of Florence introducing these new venues for civil wedding ceremonies, prospective spouses interested in saying their vows in these locations will, however, have to pay a higher fee than marriage ceremonies held until now in the Sala Rossa in Palazzo Vecchio and in Villa Vogel. City officials say they added these new locations not only to meet the numerous requests from both local and foreign prospective spouses, but also to enhance and further promote the city's historic landmarks. The fees differ depending on the city of residence of the couple. If at least one of the two prospective spouses resides in Florence, there is still no charge for a civil ceremony in Palazzo Vecchio's Sala Rossa during normal office hours. There is a fee of 250 euro if one of the engaged is a resident of the province of Florence. The charge is 750 euro if neither bride nor groom reside in the municipality or the province of Florence. (The fees become 500, 750 or 1,500 euro for ceremonies outside normal office hours.) Civil ceremonies during normal office hours in the Sala di Lorenzo, Villa Vogel and the Villa Bardini will cost 500 euro if at least one person is a resident in the city; 750 euro if at least one person is a resident in the province of Florence; and 1,250 euro for non-residents. (The fees become 1,000, 1,250 and 2,000 euro for ceremonies outside normal office hours.) To get married in the Rose Garden during normal office hours, brides and grooms will have to pay 1,500 euro if one is a resident in Florence; 1,750 if one is a resident in the Florence province; and 2,250 euro for non-residents. (The fee becomes 2,000, 2,250 and 3,000 euro for ceremonies outside normal office hours.) At 5,000 euro, the most expensive place to get married in Florence, is the Salone dei Cinquecento. Also, the fee will remain unchanged regardless of residence status or the time at which the civil ceremony is held. Civil marriage ceremonies will be scheduled Tuesday through Sunday. The weddings will take place on Tuesday mornings at Villa Vogel (once a month, except in July and August) and the Rose Garden (twice a month from May to September, except in August); on Wednesday and Thursday mornings in the Sala Rossa; Wednesday afternoons at Villa Bardini (twice a month, except in August); Thursday afternoons in the Sala di Lorenzo (2 times a month, except in August) and the Salone dei Cinquecento (two times a month except in August). Those who want to tie the knot on the weekends can choose from the Sala Rossa on Saturday mornings and afternoons (once a month, except in August); Villa Vogel on Saturday afternoon (once a month, except in August) and in the Sala Rossa on Sunday morning (once a month, except in August). For more information on civil ceremonies in Florence, see