The Art of Writing

The Art of Writing
A Tuscan week - in the company of writers - what more could you want.
The Art of Writing is a writers retreat in Tuscany by critically acclaimed author and journalist Lisa Clifford. Our 2016 June 19-25 guest leading tutor is award-winning author Conrad Willams. The Art of Writing offers morning lectures on writing and afternoon individual coaching sessions. Our aim is to nurture you, your writing skills and your project. We want to inspire you to write more and teach you how to improve, without feeling intimidated. Be it a novel you hope to see published, help with a story that’s stalled, an idea that you need time to dream about, even a blog that you want to improve; this retreat is about refining your skills.
Workshops discuss:
  • Writing from a sense of place
  • Character development
  • Structure and drafting
  • Memoirs and research; collecting, collating and recounting stories
  • Point of view and dialogue
  • Daily evening aperitivo with literary interviews and discussions
We also explore the constantly changing world of E-books and self-publishing and what could be the best indie route for you.
Our writers retreat is international. Our past attendees have been from Scotland, England, America, Italy, South Africa and Australia. Our Italian, German and French attendees must have an excellent grasp of English and can write in whatever language they prefer.
Depending on your personal goals, Lisa Clifford will guide you on where to publish and how.
Cocktail hour is shared every evening before dinner with your fellow attendees and visiting authors. There is also time for relaxation by the swimming pool and for walks in our woods.
You’ll stay in your own private apartment complete with living room, worktable and Wifi inside and on your own terrace. Some people may like to share their apartment with a friend and that will reduce their cost.
Our price includes transport to Casentino, six nights accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner plus morning and afternoon coffee/tea breaks at Borgo a Caiano, as well as all tuition. The Art of Writing also includes an afternoon tour of the local area, a unique and undiscovered part of Tuscany. We’ll finish at Lorenzo Cipriani’s farm where you’ll make ricotta and pecorino before tasting Tuscany’s cheeses and salame.